EQUIPMENT    Exceeding 1.8 Billion BTU Heating Capacity

The Industries Largest Supplier of 35MM & 40MM BTU Fluids Heating Units.

Our 35MM – 40MM BTU units are the most efficient way to heat frac fluids because of the ability to infuse the required BTU’s into the fluids in the fastest and safest way possible in the shortest amount of time.

35MM – 40MM BTU units

  • Direct spark ignition
  • Temperature controls & high temperature shutdown
  • Low flow safety switch
  • Wireless remote safety shutdown system
  • Electronic speed controller for centrifugal pump
  • Ceramic fiber insulation rated at 1700 degrees
  • Insulated burner top
  • 3000 gallon lpg dot mc331 fuel tanks
  • Work lights mounted on unit for night operations
  • Enclosed units for extreme weather operations
  • Multiple fuel options (LPG, NG, LNG & CNG)