Frac water tanks are heated individually to the desired temperatures prior to the frac job then refilled and reheated for multiple stage frac jobs.

This process involves connecting our state-of-the-art MDF hydro-thermal heating units to each frac tank and then circulating the water through the unit and then back into the tank. The time it takes to heat each tank varies on the starting temperature of the fluids and the final temperature required by our customer. When additional tanks require heating, multiple units may be required to achieve the desired temperatures and completion times. In the case of additional frac job stages or delays, the process is repeated. Heat loss from lower ambient air temperatures, wind speed, and humidity, as well as other factors such as rain, snow, and ice all impact the target temperature of the tanks. Since any related cooling effects require additional heating, it is imperative to use a company with extensive heating experience in order to minimize unneeded or excessive costs.

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