HEAT ON-THE-FLY®    Patented Continuous Flow Heating Method

This process usually involves one or more of our units positioned in line between the water source and frac water storage tanks located on the well site that is being frac’ed.


The total volume per minute needed is pumped thru the units and heated to the customer’s desired temperature, or a portion of the unheated fluids are taken out of the total flow to the frac tanks, heated, and then returned to the flow line. Once heated, the fluids are either pumped directly to the pump trucks or transferred into holding tanks at the location prior to being pumped down-hole by the frac service provider.

McAda Fluids Heating Services is an industry leader in using this methodology to heat frac fluids due to the size of our units. Smaller BTU rated units cannot provide the desired temperature rise in the flow line from the water source to the frac site.