HS&E    Our commitment to health, safety, and the environment

Our hydro-thermal heating units are
fueled by propane or natural gas.


Our Mission

McAda Fluids Heating Services strives to provide our employees with a safe, stable working environment by preventing the occurrence accidents and injuries. We are committed to providing the appropriate training, safety programs, personal protective equipment, and a work environment that enables our employees to fulfill their responsibilities.

In addition, we operate with a high level of awareness of the environment and we go to great lengths to provide environmentally responsible equipment. We understand that we are all responsible for the environment.

Better for the environment

Our hydro-thermal heating units are fueled by propane or natural gas. Unlike refined fuels that are perceived as pollutants and environmentally unfriendly, propane or natural gas produce exhaust emissions that exceed the requirements for clean fuel vehicles and surpass all eco-friendly expectations.  When such significant volumes of fuel are required to heat frac fluids, it is extremely important to minimize pollution at all costs.

Fuel Options

The standard fuel for our units is propane. With minor modifications we can also use Field Gas, LNG or CNG as fuel. If your preference for your project is to use one of these fuels please contact us about this option. Our Hydro-thermal Units run on clean burning propane or natural gas.

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Member of these safety organizations:

ISN Networld


PEC Safety