The entire water pit is heated prior to frac job. Water pit may need to be refilled and reheated for multiple stage frac jobs.

The Water Pit Heating process involves positioning one or more of our hydro-thermal units near the water storage pit and then circulating the cooler water through the units and back into the water storage pit. This is continued until the desired water temperature is reached. Heat loss from lower ambient air temperatures, wind speed, and humidity, as well as other factors such as rain, snow, and ice all impact the surface of the water pit, which is constantly losing heat.

Water pits usually contain very large volumes of frac fluids (±1 to ±3 million gallons), which is often the entire volume needed for all planned frac stages. Because of this it is critical to utilize units with the highest available BTU rating. When time is of the essence having additional units available also offers significant advantages.